Housing & Infrastructure

Vision Statement

House all Lake Babine Nation Members in safe and healthy communities.

Mission Statement

We as the Housing and Infrastructure team, will utilize all necessary resources to plan, implement and monitor the housing and infrastructure needs for Lake Babine Nation, for the purpose of safe and healthy homes.

Value Statements

Respect – we are respectful of ourselves, our colleagues, and our community.

Honesty – we are honest and fair in our actions, deliberation and decisions.

Teamwork – we are commited to promoting a united approach of flexibility, open-mindedness and support.

Compassion – we create an atmosphere of thinking and doing well for yourself and others.

Accountable – we recognize and accept the responsibility for ones’ actions, behavior and decisions made on behalf of the Nation.


Housing Important Documents


LBN Triplex

Triplex Grand Opening Poster – October 4, 2018


Updated Housing Application for January 2018:

LBN Housing Application

If you need further assistance, please contact the Housing Department at Lake Babine Nation: 250-692-4700.