Vision Statement

Strong Nedut’en Language and Traditional teachings will strengthen and enhance the lives of Lake Babine Nation learners.

Mission Statement

We, as the Education team, will utilize all necessary resources to plan and implement Nedut’en Language and Cultural programs for all Lake Babine Nation learners.

As a progressive Lake Babine Nation (LBN) guided by Chief and Council and supported by the General Manager, we will continue to advocate for our collective rights to ensure that all Nation Members achieve the best quality education.


Post Secondary

The Lake Babine Nation Post Secondary Program is administered by the Lake Babine Nation. The Education Coordinator Post Secondary Brenda Michell-Joseph is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the Policy, application deadline dates.



The Elementary/Secondary program is Nominal Roll driven and is done annually by October 15th. Nominal Roll is done on all Band operated schools and students who attend public schools in Burns Lake, Granisle, and Smithers, for Lake Babine students who reside on reserve.



Information on the Lake Babine Nation Schools.


Language & Culture

Lake Babine Nation has been working in partnership with School District #91 to develop an Integrated Resource package for Kindergarten to Grade 12. Lake Babine Nation has offered a Carrier Language and Culture Teacher training program.


Essential Skills Programs

Lake Babine Nation is partnering with Northwest Community College to offer an Essential Skills Program in the community of Wit’at. It is anticipated that this program will begin early this spring.



First Nation Education Steering Committee (FNESC)
Monty Palmantier, Education Director, is a board member on behalf of Lake Babine Nation at this provincial level of Aboriginal Education in the province of British Columbia.


Reciprocal Tuition

A groundbreaking Reciprocal Tuition Agreement between the province of BC and First Nations has been set in the current Jurisdiction negotiations this past year. Under the Reciprocal Tuition Agreement, First Nations are obligated to pay public School Boards for students enrolled in Provincial Public Schools.